Manual Surveys

At The Hall Consultancy we are highly experienced in the field of manual traffic data collection and endeavour to ensure that surveys are carried out efficiently and effectively.

We have a team of enumerators who are highly trained in all aspects of manual data collection and who can, at short notice, be mobilised to undertake surveys within the required timescales. We input, process and analyse all the information collected, before data checking it and presenting the findings in a format to suit our clients needs.

The services listed below are those requested/undertaken on a regular basis. Services can be specially adapted/designed to meet individual client's requirements.

Please contact us for further information.

Journey Time Surveys (JTS)
Manual Classified Counts (MCC)
Origin & Destination Surveys (O+D)
Parking Surveys
Public Transport Surveys
Queue Length Surveys
Road Side Interviews (RSI)
Site Measurement for input into ARCADY, PICADY & OSCADY
*Speed Monitoring Survey

*Speed Monitoring Survey (Laser 500 speed gun) . The surveys we offer are purely for data collection purposes for use in planning applications and road improvement schemes. We do not undertake speed surveys resulting in prosecutions.

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